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Piqued interests for the week of 1/21 – 1/27

Follow this blog with Bloglovin. Each week, I’m going to share what I read, discovered, uncovered, and found interesting. I read too much, often get sucked into Internet wormholes. Here is what inspired me, made me think a bit deeper, and, sometimes troubled or angered me this week: Susan Cain’s TED Talk –  The idea…, and why it mattered

With the news that is shutting down in 2018, it’s important to acknowledge the role that it played in the lives of many people, myself included.

Utterly Biased Podcast #2 – Patrick Petitti and Rob Biederman of Catalant

For the second Utterly Biased Podcast, I caught up with Rob Biederman and Patrick Petitti of Catalant a short time after they had raised a $41 million round of funding. We had a great chat at their new office at Thomson Place in Fort Point. It really is a must listen for anyone looking to…

Reports of Highland’s demise are fairly exaggerated

Highland was actually floundering a couple of years ago, but, with the recent filing as a key indicator, it is now back from the dead.

Utterly Biased Podcast #1 – G20 Venture’s Mike Troiano and Tamr co-founder Andy Palmer

For the first Utterly Biased Podcast, I talk with two stalwarts of the Boston startup world, Mike Troiano and Andy Palmer.

Desktop Metal team, Savitz on Smart Lunches, LevelUp grows up

The move to conquer the 3D metal printing space is a shrewd one for Desktop Metal.

Maximize a photo op with Spotted, Techstars standouts

Marketing in real life It’s not too often that the perfect example to explain why your startup is necessary to the world comes along serendipitously, but this is what happened this week for Spotted. Actually, this happened twice this week. During one of last week’s Cavs-Raptors blowouts, Lebron James ended up in the crowd during…

Bridj’s overexposure, Pillar on PathAI, and Lull responses

Boston-based Bridj announced it was shutting down on Sunday. There’s a lot more to the story, and some good lessons to be learned for young entrepreneurs.

The Lull, through Grapevine, Maine and running

The “Lull,” reality or perception This week, there is no central feature for Utterly Biased. Just a question. What is your current perception of the Boston startup community, tech ecosystem, or whatever else you may want to call it? Is it robust and thriving? Are there some incredible companies on the cusp of making national…

Jebbit and startup evolution, Skok on Zaius, UB on Medium

Do young founders evolve? Last Thursday, Jebbit, an interactive marketing platform that has recently expanded into more data-driven products, held its first-ever customer conference, which featured talks from co-founders Tom Coburn and Jonathan Lacoste, as well as HubSpot’s Kipp Bodner. The long-planned event, however, hit a bit of bad luck that, in the end, was…

Pillar adds a tech pillar, vision-tech maven, vets of all stripes

Boston technology startups get a new VC booster It was announced last week that Pillar was adding Russ Wilcox as an investing partner. It’s a big move for the growing (in both size and influence) firm started by Jamie Goldstein last year. Wilcox is best known for his role as the CEO and founder of E Ink,…

CarGurus follows the plan…the TripAdvisor plan

Choose Industry. Build Product. Grow. Exit. Repeat. It was reported this week that CarGurus, the online car shopping platform, has selected banks in preparation for an IPO at some point in 2017. CarGurus is one of Boston’s most successful private consumer internet companies, and yet, it fails to garner the same attention as some of the…