Utterly Biased Podcast #1 – G20 Venture’s Mike Troiano and Tamr co-founder Andy Palmer

For the first Utterly Biased Podcast, I talk with two stalwarts of the Boston startup world, Mike Troiano and Andy Palmer.

Mike has been an entrepreneur for a number of years. Most recently, he served as the chief marketing officer for Actifio, the Waltham-based cloud data services company that is likely to go public in the next couple of years. Recently, Mike announced that he had joined G20 Ventures as a partner.

It’s interesting to hear Mike talk about investing now that he is in the VC world. He wrote a great little piece about his investment thesis on Medium that we discuss at length. We even do a little bit of news breaking, I think.

Catching up with Andy for a quick beer in Harvard Square is always a treat. In between meetings at Tamr‘s headquarters, we had a chance to talk about what his new role at Founder Collective will entail. We also talked about Tamr’s relationship with GE, which started well before the company relocated to Boston.

Oh, and Andy gives some, I believe, previous unreported specifics of the recent deal Tamr did with GE.

I hope you enjoy and share with others who would enjoy the Utterly Biased Podcast as well.

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