Utterly Biased Podcast #2 – Patrick Petitti and Rob Biederman of Catalant

For the second Utterly Biased Podcast, I caught up with Rob Biederman and Patrick Petitti of Catalant a short time after they had raised a $41 million round of funding.

We had a great chat at their new office at Thomson Place in Fort Point. It really is a must listen for anyone looking to raise funding, as we talk about why they did another round of funding from their previous investors and the “signals” sent by doing some debt funding.

As you’ll hear, these guys are on top of their game and they’ve had a few tricks up their sleeves along the journey so far.

*Update* – They also published a book in the fall of 2017 called Reimaging Work: Strategies to Disrupt Talent, Lead Change, and Win with a Flexible Workforce.

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